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Full Frontal gets inside the heads of Trump supporters at the inauguration

Screenshot: Full Frontal/YouTube

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a week since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, and not just because he immediately took the weekend off. The new Commander In Chief has issued all kinds of executive orders in his four days in office, many of which threaten refugees, immigrants, LGBT folks, and women—basically, anyone who’s not his son. Everything that people who rallied against him were told could never actually happen seems to be in the offing, despite all the reassurances from his supporters. So Full Frontal With Samantha Bee’s crack team of reporters braved the inauguration crowds (crowds can be small) to check in with his base, and see if it would continue to provide support.

The answer’s yes, obviously. The gloaters are in high form, from the guy who’s inexplicably, indefatigably happy to the fellow who refuses to acknowledge that taking the new President at his word during his campaigning was something that everyone but his supporters did. Then there’s Randall, who mockingly calls the Full Frontal reporter a “little snowflake” and taunts her with the President’s name, blithely unaware of the Voldemort comparison he’s making. It turned out to be his second run-in with the Full Frontal staff, so it looks like he can hold a grudge just like a president.


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