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Fuck it all, let’s go to Cat Island

Screenshot: YouTube

There is a small island in Japan where humans are outnumbered by cats six to one. That is correct: For every human, there are six cats to be friends with. There are no dogs on cat island (which locals call “Tashirojima”) because it is a cartoon world where there are all cats. Most of the residents of the island are classified as elderly.

We are going there.

Where will we live? Perhaps in one of the houses shaped like cats. Who will we be friends with? Some of the many cats, who are also friends with each other. What will we eat? We will eat berries and fish and live an honest life, far away from the affairs of man.


Here is another video, correctly titled Cat Heaven Island, which gets much more into the life of the human inhabitants, if interested. However, we are not interested in them.


Cat Heaven Island (Featurette) from Landon Donoho on Vimeo.

We are interested in the cats.


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