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Frozen is getting a sequel in the form of an animated short

To the delight of mash-up artists, fake trailer creators, and animated GIF pioneers everywhere, Disney has announced an animated short sequel to its popular meme generator Frozen. Titled Frozen Fever, the short will be about Elsa and Kristoff, characters who have starred in millions of Tumblr posts and also a movie, apparently, as they throw a birthday party for Elsa’s sister Anna.

Be forewarned: Frozen Fever, which will probably air in theaters in front of one of Disney’s upcoming releases, will also feature an original song by EGOT-winner and “Let It Go” composer Robert Lopez, news certain to send the Internet’s frothing hordes of parody artists into a lethal blood-and-pun frenzy as they seek the sweet, delicious meme meat hidden within.


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