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Frontier(s) marches on with the first song from its new EP

After the dissolution of Elliott, vocalist Chris Higdon took some time off before emerging anew with Frontier(s) in 2010. The band’s debut on No Sleep Records, There Will Be No Miracles Here, switched the formula he’d long used with Elliott. His once-hushed voice was let loose, ripping atop the comparably straightforward rockers Frontier(s) dealt in. For its upcoming EP White Lights, the band joined Tiny Engines, which will release the five-song EP this July.

“Our March,” the first song from White Lights feels like a return home for Higdon, as he adopts the delicate delivery he perfected with Elliott. Across its nearly six-minute existence, “Our March” stomps forth with each strike of the effects-drenched guitars of Higdon and Matt Wieder, which begin swirling and spinning around one another by the track’s end.


White Lights can be pre-ordered through Tiny Engines, and “Our March” can be heard below.

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