Our beloved contributor Jason Heller has written a new novel, and aside from being seethingly jealous of him, we’re all very, very proud—especially considering it’s what people who might say such things would call a cracking good read. You can find out for yourself on January 17, but in the meantime, here’s a trailer that will introduce you to the world of Taft 2012, a satirical alternate history in which our nation’s most corpulent president mysteriously vanishes following his loss to Woodrow Wilson, only to turn up a century later, confused by our modern advances, yet thoroughly convinced he’s the third-party candidate who can at last bring some reason back into politics. As well as some spats. Taft likes spats. You can get ahead of the curve and join the Taft 2012 campaign here, where you can pre-order the book, and learn what Taft has to offer our great nation…again. Bully for our man Taft! Bully for our man Heller! And bully for America.