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From the ashes of “The Bells” comes this Arya, Lil Nas X mashup

Screenshot: HBO

[Spoilers for Game Of Thrones season 8, episode 5 below.]

In an episode so full of sadness and disappointment (depending on who you talk to), Game of Thrones did give fans one happy moment: A bloody, breathing Arya Stark galloping off on a white steed, one we’re guessing Bran had sent to King’s Landing just for her (hey, Bran’s gotta be doing something). Arya’s one of purest heroes we have this season, so when she did ride ‘til she can’t no more (presumably), the internet greeted her with the meme we all knew was coming.


The above edit wasn’t the only one, though—Lil Nas X’s hit song inspired loads of fans.


The cultural ubiquity of the song interwoven with the phenomenon that is Game of Thrones ensured such a crossover was inevitable. But, honestly, it just works, too. By itself, it isn’t particularly epic, but with Arya slow-motioning up to the horse, then riding away through the ash, fire, and carnage, it takes on a whole new resonance.


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