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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled From the Annals of Semi-Self-Promotion: Onion columnist Jean Teasdales debut comes out tomorrow!

For more than a decade, Jean Teasdale, the indefatigably upbeat columnist for our sister publication The Onion, has provided a tragicomic, beautifully realized, hilarious, ultimately sad glimpse into the deceptively complicated psyche of the middle-American housewife. No column has better illuminated the quiet desperation and deep underlying despair that characterizes so much of contemporary life. Also, it is funny as fuck.


Now the venerable Onion columnist’s wit and wisdom is available in book form. Tomorrow sees the release of A Book Of Jean’s Own, Teasdale’s maiden foray into the world of publishing, courtesy of the good folks over at St. Martin’s. Order from The Onion store and get a free magnet! It’s the very first Onion book written by a single author, though it should be noted that Jean’s hubby Rick has finally been afforded an opportunity to speak his piece. As if all that weren’t exciting enough, the book features an awesome cover by legendary Mad artist Mort Drucker.

Everyone should purchase this wonderful book because it is great, then go see its author during her appearances to promote the book, one or more of which, coincidentally, might also feature me and my upcoming book My Year Of Flops: The A.V. Club Presents One Man’s Journey Deep Into the Heart Of Cinematic Failure.

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