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Every so often, one of our multi-talented contributors puts the “multi” in “multi-talented” by writing a book, and we’re always happy to boost their success a teensy little bit more by giving them Amazon referrals. That’s why we’re thrilled to tell you that A.V. Club contributor Scott Von Doviak’s new book, Stephen King Films FAQ, has the official release date of March 11 from Applause Books. In this comprehensive new tome, Scott takes a look at all of the times King has been adapted to film and television, providing all the context and extra information you could ever want on the horror master’s many (many) film adaptations. He’s even got a little room to talk about the misbegotten Carrie musical, and don’t you want to know more about that?


If you’d like to pre-order the book, you can find it available for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes And Noble. Or you can just wait until March 11, then go to your local bookstore, slam your fist down on the counter, and say, “Give me Von Doviak, or go to Hell!” Tell ‘em The A.V. Club sent you. (They’ll probably have guessed it already by that point.)

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