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From Looney Tunes to Game Of Thrones, this guitar hero plays 100 TV theme songs

A guitar hero, identified only as Joe, takes us on a journey through the last 85 years of television with a performance of 100 TV theme songs in less than 11 minutes. The melody starts with Looney Tunes (1930) and ends with the theme from Game Of Thrones (2011).

The video, produced by Reverb, starts out in black and white, and then switches to color in the middle of Bewitched, just as the TV series switched to color in its third season. Other nods to specific TV series include the lights going out during Alfred Hitchcock Presents and a tossed hat during The Mary Tyler Moore Show.


Joe abandons his Nash JM-63 three times during the video and plays Curb Your Enthusiasm on a mandolin, does a jazz scat for Seinfeld, and plays a ukulele for Arrested Development. It’s striking that, from 2007 on, just about every theme song is from a TV show produced by HBO, AMC, or Netflix, except for three: Parks And Recreation (NBC), Glee (Fox) and Louie (FX).

[Via Entertainment Weekly]

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