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From home movies to The BFG, charting the evolution of Steven Spielberg

Photo: Paramount Pictures

As reiterated by his latest film, The BFG, Steven Spielberg has made a career out of crafting stories of wonder, or strife, with emotionally resonant characters and a great touch for drama. Even though people are mixed on The BFG, it’s a good time to revisit the master filmmaker’s works, from his earliest home movies to this latest spectacle with the giants.

Other videos have boiled down Spielberg’s films to iconic shots that encapsulate the films, but this new compilation by Burger Fiction surveys his entire directorial career with select scenes that exemplify some of the most powerful moments in his filmography. From Duel to Jaws to Saving Private Ryan and everything in between and beyond, the video highlights the filmmaker’s impressive ability to cross genres, tones, and emotional beats. He can capture wide-eyed wonder in one film, or be hip-deep in the cynicism of human nature in the next, and occasionally can convey both within the same movie.

While thinkpieces have circulated around the web in recent days that bemoan Spielberg’s career, this video is a reminder that he has been responsible for some of the most memorable cinematic moments in the late 20th century. Not all of his films have been hits, with an occasional commercial and/or critical misfire, but he’s still able to deliver these iconic standout shots.


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