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Illustration for article titled em From Dusk Till Dawn/em TV show will also star Wilmer Valderrama

As part of its reviving of things that were popular in 1990s, Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn TV show has added Wilmer Valderrama to its cast. The That ‘70s Show star and walking Venn diagram of young Hollywood’s sexual history joins Rodriguez’s small-screen version of his cult vampire film, which is set to premiere on the El Rey Network early next year. Alongside already-cast principals such as D.J. Cotrona and Zane Holtz as, respectively, bank robbers Seth and Richie Gecko, Robert Patrick as their hostage/Harvey Keitel stand-in Jacob Fuller, and Don Johnson as the Texas Ranger on their trail, Valderrama will play the “enigmatic crime lord Carlos.” (Presumably this means that Carlos is himself enigmatic—not that he plots enigmatic crimes.) It’s ostensibly the same role that Cheech Marin played in the original 1996 film—even though, given Valderrama’s history of rattling off his sexual conquests, playing another Marin character seems more appropriate.


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