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From 1.5 to 10, visualizing the year in Pitchfork reviews

Now that everyone has taken the holiday to go through our list of favorite albums of 2010, it's time to see how some of the other guys ranked albums that hit the streets last year. Lucky for us, someone went and collected all the reviews that mega-popular indie-rock site Pitchfork posted in 2010, new albums as well as reissues, and posted this nifty visualization sorted by numeric score. The lowest score was a 1.5 given to Ghostland Observatory's Codename: Rondo (which we thought was actually pretty good); the highest score was the much-talked-about 10.0 given to Kanye West's latest opus—the site's first such rating for a new release since Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in 2002—plus a handful of reissues; and the most common score was 7.5, handed out to 59 different albums in 2010. There's also an option to break down the mapping by Pitchfork's "Best New Music" classification and their top 50 albums of the year and each album icon is linked to its review for context. Though nothing in the history of anything will ever top the head-scratching, mind-bending glory of that Kid A review.


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