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Fringe’s J.H. Wyman to adapt first-person POV thriller Through My Eyes for Fox


Over the years, TV shows have experimented with multi-camera and single-camera setups that offer different perspectives on whatever is happening. A new Fox show is going to just cut out the middleman, though, and strap a camera directly to one of its characters. This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says this project—Through My Eyes—comes from Fringe and Almost Human veteran J.H. Wyman, and it’s an adaptation of a Russian drama of the same name (but in Russian). The basic premise of the show is that it’s a “horror-thriller” in which the story is told “Rashomon-style” by literally taking a different character’s point of view in each episode. The original version was about scientists in a secret lab who were “attempting to achieve immortality by building a special machine that can extract the soul and its energy and relocate it to another.” It’s unclear if the American version will follow the same plot, but at the very least it will utilize the same POV gimmick.


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