The appeal of the cult-hit animated series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has been picked apart elsewhere on the Internet, but regardless of what you think of the series and its attendant web-phenomenon status, it’s hard to deny that those ponies are da kewtest widdle ponies eva yes dey are! DeviantArt and other sites are lousy with Ponified fan-art, from Simpsons mash-ups to Steve Jobs tributes, and now you can get in on the action (and waste 20 minutes or so of useless Friday work time) with this Flash-based Pony Creator from DeviantArt member General Zoi. Even if you’re not a Friendship Is Magic Fan—I’m not, really—it’s hard to resist the allure of endless permutations of colors, body features, manes, and accessories in service of creating a big-eyed, cutie-marked spirit animal. (Or a horrific equine monster, if that’s more your jam.) That’s mine being all adorbs up there; Marah Eakin’s lil’ goober and Tasha Robinson’s “shrieking horror” are below. Make your own by clicking over here, and feel free to post them in the comments so we can determine which A.V. Clubber is da kewtest of dem awl! [h/t Underwire]