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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Friends of emTeen Mom/em stars are also getting pregnant, but probably just because they cant wait to start a family

MTV’s Teen Mom franchise is pitched as a cautionary tale, but surprisingly, turning ill-prepared young mothers into reality TV and tabloid stars has led other girls to believe there may be a causal relationship between pregnancy and a shot at celebrity—as though teenage girls would ever get so hung up by the lure of fame, they'd completely miss the sobering lessons about taking responsibility for your actions. Anyway, while the crazy idea that teenagers might be embarking on the miracle of motherhood just to get on the cover of Us Weekly has been floated before, the New York Post claims to have picked up some possible empirical proof: Four equally young friends of the mothers featured on Teen Mom 2 have become pregnant within the last year, with at least one doing it explicitly “in order to become a regular on the show,” according to one source. Well, or maybe they just all found amazing guys and want a baby to share in their love? When did we forget about love?


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