Screenshot: YouTube

On Friday, Ferrari Land in Salou, Spain, unveiled the Red Force, a roller-coaster that races from zero to 112 mph in five seconds before reaching a vertigo-inducing height of 367 feet. In addition to being Europe’s tallest and fastest roller-coaster, it might also be its most dangerous.

Footage of one intrepid rider screaming with delight quickly turns into a horror show when a pigeon flies into his neck, splattering the dude‚Äôs face and duds with blood. The pigeon‚Äôs corpse remains on the man‚Äôs lapel, and his slow realization of the situation (aided by the video‚Äôs slow-motion replay) evolves from pain to confusion to disgust to pure horror and, once the pigeon is cast into the wind, back to excitement. Some might call it an ‚Äúemotional roller-coaster.‚ÄĚ

The best thing about all of this? It gives us a chance to remember when the same thing happened to Fabio.


[via Complex]