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Friday The 13th reboot of reboot to come with TV reboot

The upcoming reboot of the 2009 reboot of the exhaustively sequelized Friday The 13th franchise will be accompanied by a new Friday The 13th TV series, reports Deadline, one that could loosely be considered a total reboot of 1980’s Friday The 13th: The Series. It’s a rare occurrence, the reboot of the recently rebooted franchise with matching reboot of a spinoff TV show. Still, as seen with The Terminator, it’s increasingly a common one. Such is the glorious age we live in, and to which the new Friday The 13th series will be born. Or rather, reborn. Reboot-orn.

Unlike the first Friday The 13th: The Series, this new effort to trade off a brand name will be far less superficial. Whereas that show was an anthology series about haunted antiques, because why wouldn’t it be, the new one will be about another, more germane antique: the story of Jason Vorhees and his long reign of terror at Camp Crystal Lake.


Sean S. Cunningham, director of the original Friday The 13th, will return to the franchise he didn’t actually put Jason in to oversee an hour-long drama that “re-imagines Jason in multiple time periods,” while also looking at the contemporary, “eclectic” people around Crystal Lake who are forced to contend with Jason’s return and learn “new secrets about his wacky family.” Presumably some of that “wackiness” will be their tendency to kill people for inscrutable, sex-related reasons—but shhh, this is a secret.

It’s hoped that if the rebooted TV spinoff of the rebooted film franchise that recently saw a reboot is a success, it could eventually get a reboot.

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