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Despite a relatively warm reception and continued popularity on sites like Twitch and YouTube, the new Friday The 13th game has had a rough first couple of weeks. It was buggy as hell, has been hacked to shreds, and, worst of all, connectivity problems made it difficult to even match up with other people and play it. The developers at Illfonic have been pumping out patches to address the issues, and now, the studio has announced a big free update to try and make up for the troubled launch.

Releasing June 20, the update will include new clothes for the counselor characters and oodles of free Customization Points, the currency used to unlock new looks for Jason. But the real draw is a fun new skin for Jason that everyone will be eligible to get for free. It’s based on the infamous Friday The 13th game for the NES, which turned Mr. Vorhees into a blue-skinned behemoth in a purple jumpsuit. Along with the throwback look for Jason, the update will also add a new 8-bit-inspired song from synthwave artist Mitch Murder to the game for a double-dose of retro-gaming nostalgia.


[via Bloody Disgusting]

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