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Friday Night Lights gets a second second life on ESPN starting July 12

NBC airs the series finale of critically revered but perennially low-rated football drama Friday Night Lights this Friday, but those who never jumped onboard the show when it debuted or made the switch to DirecTV will get another chance. The Wrap first reported that ESPN will air the first two episodes of season one tomorrow night back-to-back in primetime starting at 8pm ET, followed by a marathon of the first season on ESPN Classic on July 14th and 15th. The show will then air two episodes on ESPN Classic every Thursday at 9pm ET starting July 21st.

In addition to re-airing the show, ESPN columnist Bill Simmons will publish an oral history of the show as told by the Friday Night Lights cast and crew on his new sports/pop culture ESPN-offshoot Grantland. And if all those repeats and added press aren't good enough, the newly established and ESPN-owned Longhorn Network, dedicated to Texas Sports, will air the show's five seasons starting when the network begins broadcasting in August. If you haven't watched the show before despite massive amounts of attention from the A.V. Club, why not start now?


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