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As part of an effort to keep fans engaged while their favorite shows are postponed by the Olympics—as well as lure people onto the Internet, so thieves can steal their faces—NBC has announced upcoming webisodes for Chicago Fire, Grimm, Parenthood, and Parks And Recreation, all debuting Thursday. Of course, the “webisode” is generally not a must-see event, and that remains true for what NBC has planned for Chicago Fire and Grimm. (Dawson has “an emergency that puts her training and confidence to the ultimate test”! Rosalee and Juliette host “a Valentine’s Day spa party”!) But Parks fans will likely be interested its digital spinoff, “The Hapley Group,” which features Pawnee’s overly literal newscaster hosting a political roundtable that features Ira (Matt Besser) and The Douche (Nick Kroll) discussing hot topics with Joan Callamezzo (Mo Collins) and Mike Patterson (Seth Morris). Indeed, this sounds like a discussion that they will be having, around a table.

Still, only Parenthood’s web show has Crucifictorious: Producer Jason Katims has called in his old Friday Night Lights star Jesse Plemons to reprise his role as Landry Clarke—alongside Derek Phillips’ Billy Riggins, for some reason—for a series called “Friday Night At The Luncheonette,” where Mae Whitman’s Amber will have to “keep things under control” while working a Luncheonette gig that Crucifictorious is playing. (Given the turnout at past Crucifictorious gigs, it doesn’t seem like this would be too hard.) For FNL fans, it’ll certainly be nice to see Landry again, even though it has us concerned that Landry apparently put his studies on hold to reunite and tour with his shitty metalcore band all the way to the Bay Area—with Billy Riggins in tow, no less. Let me tell you something, Lance: This is why we didn’t want a movie, son. You were doing so well in our imagination.

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