Buzz Bissinger’s recent cry for help marveling at how much awesome Gucci crap he owns was just the beginning of the Friday Night Lights’ author’s longest look in the mirror yet. Today reports that Bissinger has checked himself into rehab for an undisclosed reason, though it’s assumed it has something to do with the more than $600,000 he dropped on fancy clothes in the past three years—partly as a means of dealing with his self-admitted sexual issues, partly just for the thrill of making himself over as a designer-leather-clad “bad boy.”

In a statement to NBC News, Bissinger reiterates that he penned the GQ essay in order to help others struggling with their own, probably less costly addictions, saying, “I wrote it because it was the only way I knew of coming to terms and getting the help I am now getting.” While writing the article, Bissinger said he’d only just tallied up exactly how much he’d spent on his “81 leather jackets, 75 pairs of boots, 41 pairs of leather pants, 32 pairs of haute couture jeans, 10 evening jackets, and 115 pairs of leather gloves,” etc. It was that moment of clarity that led to his current treatment in an unnamed rehab facility, which we’ll just assume is located somewhere inside a Land’s End.