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"Friday" hit-maker Rebecca Black to unleash new single, "My Moment"

The viral sensation “Friday” made 14-year-old honor student Rebecca Black an accidental pop star and the subject of scorn and derision more befitting a child murderer or Tucker Max than a clean-cut girl whose mother paid $4,000 for a silly little novelty video that unexpectedly mesmerized a nation and quickly became an instant punchline.

Black now looks primed to capitalize on the fluke success of “Friday” with another single, the aptly titled “My Moment.” The single and video “drops,” as the young people say, on July 18 on Black’s YouTube channel and website.

Will the video receive the press and attention Black’s last single did? No, no it will not, but that hasn’t kept Black from announcing the release of a five-track EP in August. We remain, as always, cautiously optimistic.


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