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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Trapped in the heady throes of weekend anticipation? Can't concentrate on those last-minute work duties for all the joy bubbling within? Nothing like another round of Friday Buzzkills to bring you back to earth. Your boss will thank me.

- Courtney Love confirms she is executive-producing a new biopic based on the life of Kurt Cobain, hiring screenwriter David Benioff (Troy) to adapt Charles Cross' Heavier Than Heaven. There's also some speculation that Love herself will appear in the film, perhaps as the talented, angelic wife who bravely put her own skyrocketing career on hold to better provide moral support to the man who was too far gone to love her.

- If you liked Celebrity Rap Superstar (Ed. note: What the fuck is wrong with you?) you'll absolutely something CMT's Gone Country, where "stars" like Dee Snider, Sisqo, Maureen McCormick, Julio Iglesias, Carnie Wilson, and, um, Bobby Brown will hole up with some of Nashville's greatest songwriters as they try to break into the country music business. Actually, I've always thought "On Our Own (Theme From Ghostbusters II)" could use a little more lap-steel.

- The man who killed Curious George collaborator Allan Shalleck was sentenced to life in prison today. According to the autopsy, Shalleck died from "83 blunt force injuries and more than three dozen stab wounds, including to the abdomen, neck and groin" in February 2006. Yeah, not even we can find something snarky to say about that.

Have a super weekend!

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