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Friday buzzkills: Britney Spears, Chairy, and sad pandas

Since it seems like everyone's getting a little loopy around here waiting for the weekend (seriously, if I hear that Loverboy song one more fucking time…), it's up to me to play Captain Bringdown and balance it out with a little sadness. Cue the violins.

First up, it's Britney Spears' new video for "Gimme More," in which the troubled poptard takes a long, hard look at the pressures of fame and realizes that "It's like I'm some kind of stripper, y'all!" Of course, the really sad thing is how it appears to be cobbled together from leftover footage. Maybe Spears had one of her trademark breakdowns, got distracted by a shiny object, and wandered away from the set before a cohesive narrative could be stitched together?

And how's this for sad? Someone found Chairy from Pee Wee's Playhouse, and she's fallen on hard times. [Thanks to Defamer for the tip.]

Of course, if you really want sad, check out this video of a panda cub crying for its mom. Yeah, how's your weekend now, bitch?


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