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Fresh Off The Boat sailing into cancellation after its current season

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Pop open a bottle of bubbly for Constance Wu, who, now that Fresh Off The Boat is coming to an end, will no longer be burdened by her role on one of the best sitcoms of the decade. Vulture reports (and Variety confirms) that ABC will not order any more episodes following its sixth season, which began airing in September. This season’s 14th and 15th episodes will serve as the show’s last when they air in 2020.


Though lagging in the ratings of late, the show was beloved for its perspective and performances, namely those of leads Wu and Randall Park, who starred as the nucleus of a Taiwanese-American family in Florida. As Vulture notes, Nahnatchka Khan’s series, having aired more than 100 episodes, is the longest-running sitcom about an Asian-American family in broadcast television history.

Not all is lost, however. As we reported back in August, ABC is currently working on a spin-off that will center on an entirely new family in its universe. Variety reports that these new characters, an Indian family with a daughter close to Hudson Yang’s Eddie Huang, will be introduced in an upcoming episode. Vir Das and Preity G. Zinta are slated to star in the spin-off, with Fresh Off The Boat writer Rachna Fruchbom crafting the story.

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