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Photo: Han Myung-Gu (Getty Images)

Nearly a year ago, we reported that an unnamed actress had accused Valerian and Lucy director Luc Besson of “violent sexual assault, with the accuser noting only that she had worked with Besson on “at least two occasions” and that the alleged assault had happened about a week prior. At the time, Asia Argento also mentioned being aware of similar allegations against Besson that were apparently unrelated. This week, though, a French court has dismissed the allegations after a nine-month investigation due to an inability to find “proof of the offense.”

The previously unnamed actress has since been identified as Sand Van Roy, and she actually filed two separate sexual assault complaints against Besson—one being the accusation from last year and the other being an accusation of “repeated violent sexual relations” between 2016 and 2018 that was filed a few months later. This all comes from Variety, which notes that eight other women have also cone forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Besson, including former assistants, casting directors, students, and actresses who have worked with Besson, though only one of them was willing to speak on the record.

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