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Freeform releases the premiere date and first gut-punching look at the Party Of Five reboot

Today Freeform announced the release date for its reimagined reboot of the classic ‘90s drama, Party Of Five. The new iteration, which comes directly from current-day headlines as it explores immigration reform, will premiere on January 8, 2020. The network also gave a sneak peek at an emotional scene from the premiere.


Original series creators Amy Lippman and Christopher Keyser have returned to tell the story of the Acostas, a family who is ripped apart once the parents are suddenly deported. Now the children must learn to navigate the world on their own while raising their infant sibling. The first look shows the Acostas engaging in a tearful goodbye at the immigration detention center as the parents prepare to board the bus to Mexico. It’s a strong departure from the story of the original Salingers, whose parents were killed in a car crash, though some similarities exist between the two families, like the ill-prepared eldest son and the precocious younger sister. The new series stars Brandon Larracuente, Emily Tosta , Niko Guardado, and Elle Paris Legaspi.

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