Freeform (formerly ABC Family) apparently isn’t screwing around with this whole “rebranding” thing. Hot off announcing its entry into the Marvel-TV-adaptation game with Cloak & Dagger, the cable home of The 700 Club is adding an ambitious slate of scripted content to its upcoming schedule, including a U.S. version of the BBC’s hit teens-with-superpowers drama Misfits, a comedy project from The Lonely Island, and a reunion movie for the late, lamented Greek.

Details on most of the series are still pretty light, but the Misfits reboot is apparently coming courtesy of Gossip Girl producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. Given the source material—one of the most aggressively coarse shows in this latest wave of superpowered TV—they’ll presumably be going grubbier, more vulgar, and with a bigger focus on supernatural powers than in their previous teen-focused series. (We can only imagine how different Gossip Girl’s Manhattan would have been if Serena van der Woodsen had had “psychic control over milk.”)


Meanwhile, Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone—a.k.a. The Lonely Island— are teaming back up for Alone Together, about a male-female platonic pairing trying to make their way in Los Angeles. Then there’s a new supernatural drama, The Deep, promising the “war between man and mermaid” we’ve all been anticipating for so very long.

You can see the whole slate over at The Hollywood Reporter, including a spinoff of the network’s popular sitcom Young & Hungry starring genetically engineered perkiness monster Ashley Tisdale, and the Greek holiday reunion, which will presumably bring stars Jacob Zachar and Clark Duke back together for more post-collegiate awkward comedy.