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Freddie Prinze Jr. on Friends

Dana Carvey’s impressionist-mentoring program just added a little ’90s-star wattage, as Variety reports that Freddie Prinze Jr. has signed on to host First Impressions. We first reported on the reality competition series last fall, when we learned that Carvey would help comedy’s most promising mimics find their voice (which we realize would just comprise the voices of others). Prinze Jr. is a self-proclaimed “huge” Dana Carvey fan, and will presumably have the responsibility of finding new ways to introduce the Master Of Disguise as the competition rolls on every week.

Carvey will executive produce the show for USA Network, as well as mentor the the aspiring impressionists, who will battle it out for the title of…well, that’s not known at this moment. After all, whomever wins certainly wouldn’t be the “first impressionist,” so that means the show’s title is out. Maybe one of the celebrity guests scheduled to appear—say, Steve Carell, Yvette Nicole Brown, or Kevin Nealon—can help figure this one out.


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