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In August, it was announced that a Lizzie McGuire sequel series was on the way, one in which the Disney Channel star is “a 30-year old millennial navigating life in New York City.” It sounds like a chipper return to the Hillary Duff-starring series, which may or may resonate with those who grew up on the character and now find themselves craving darker, more punishing content that better reflects the craven nightmares of day-to-day life. If that’s you, might we instead direct you to the Punky Brewster sequel series, which finds original star Soleil Moon Frye “trying to get her life back on track” as a single mother of three. Jesus, Punks, we’re rooting for you.


Scoring the pivotal role of Punky Brewster’s ex-husband is teen heartthrob-turned-Star Wars enthusiast and cookbook author Freddie Prinze Jr., who, being an on-the-road musician, sounds like a total deadbeat but, per TheWrap, is actually a “great dad” who retains some “lingering chemistry” with Punky. Punky Power is infectious, we imagine.

Prinze Jr. joins Cherie Johnson, reprising her role as Punky’s bestie, and, we’re guessing, the refrigerator she got her ass locked in once upon a time. The series is slated to stream on the NBCU’s forthcoming streaming service, Peacock.

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