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Freddie Mercury is now an Angry Bird

In support of Freddie For A Day—a charity event that invites participants to dress up like Freddie Mercury in an effort to raise AIDS awareness—Rovio Entertainment and the creators of Angry Birds have released a cartoon bird styled after the famously flamboyant Queen frontman.  This new animation shows a crowned, mustachioed, muscle tank-clad yellow bird happily whizzing along on a slingshot bicycle to, of course, Queen’s “Bicycle Race.”

Freddie For A Day participants will be donning their fake mustaches and pleather on Sept. 5, Mercury’s birthday, but those who want to honor the rock ‘n’ roll legend’s memory without gluing on facial hair can purchase a limited edition Freddie Mercury Angry Bird T-shirt, a portion of the proceeds of which go to the AIDS awareness charity The Mercury Phoenix Trust.


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