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Fred Savage to host after-show parody about a fictional sci-fi series on Fox

Photo: Jonathan Leibson (Getty Images for UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center)

Here’s some crazy meta-bullshit from the folks at Fox: According to Variety, the network has given the green light to What Just Happened??! With Fred Savage, a parody of after-show discussion panels like Talking Dead on AMC. The series will revolve around a fictional sci-fi show called The Flare that is based on a fictional book called The Moon Is The Sun At Night about some kind of “solar event” that impacts a small, blue-collar town in Illinois and somehow evolves into a “post-apocalyptic battle for human survival.” Again, that is the plot of a fictional book that was the basis for a fictional TV show that will be the topic of discussion on a real TV show hosted by Fred Savage and airing on Fox. Got it?

What Just Happened??! will have interviews with celebrity fans of The Flare, visits to the set of The Flare, and interviews with the fictional cast of The Flare, all of which will hopefully be funny enough to maintain this ridiculous premise. That sounds like it’ll be extremely difficult, especially if this survives more than the initial nine-episode order, but it could be a lot of fun if done properly.


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