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Proving that ’90s nostalgia has long since reached the “undiscerning” stage, rapping hat Fred Durst has signed a deal to produce and star in his own sitcom for CBS—whose recent obsessions with penises, vaginas, and now rap-rock suggests it’s going through some difficult changes and is maybe really pissed at its stepdad. Whatever the reasoning, Durst pitched a half-hour comedy about a “rock legend”—Durst, in the role he was born to play in the minds of easily impressed Waffle House waitresses—who has difficulty balancing his fame with his family, and CBS took that conceptual cookie and stuck it up the yeah of its pilot development cycle, giving Durst an unspecified percentage of back-end nookie for his first-ever television deal. And just to head everyone off at the pass, Durst’s sitcom is titled (for now) Douchebag, because he knows what everyone thinks of him but it’s like, whatever, he just does this shit for the fans. And, he figures, everyone laughs at him anyway, so he was as well get paid for it, son. [via Deadline]


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