Already a longtime chronicler of all the matching of core values, beliefs, emotional health, and complementary interests one must do for the nookie, Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst has applied that knowledge toward directing a commercial for online dating site eHarmony. The news was revealed via the company’s official Twitter account, which released the below photo of Durst making a deeply personal connection with the company’s founder and CEO Dr. Neil Clark Warren. According to the post, Durst led through a new ad in which Warren encourages singles to take their doubts about finding their soulmate, and stick it up the yeah of his scientifically proven compatibility algorithm.


It‚Äôs not the first such effort for Durst, who has worn many hats‚ÄĒall of them backwards and terrible‚ÄĒas the director of movies such as The Education Of Charlie Banks and The Longshots. He‚Äôs also well suited for working with eHarmony, having created his own unexpected marriage of rap and metal that, similarly, no one wants to hear about.