Saturday Night Live

SNL veteran and maker of handcrafted, artisanal weirdos on the recently-renewed Portlandia Fred Armisen is being tapped to join Zoolander 2. The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Armisen has packed his bags and is heading for the fashion runways of Rome, where the sequel is currently in production. Armisen himself broke the news on Instagram:


The original Zoolander’s release was unfortunately timed following 9/11, but the story of a male model who must use both of his brain cells to stop an international assassination plot has become a beloved cult hit over the years. The sequel has been gaining steam since its walk-off announcement in March, with really, really, ridiculously good-looking person Penelope Cruz joining the cast, and some pretty cool news about the return of your friend Billy Zane.

As one half of SNL’s art-dealer couple Nuni and Nuni Schoener, Armisen already explored the strange world of experimental fashion and design in a very Zoolander-esque way, making him a perfect addition to Zoolander 2. While his role hasn’t been revealed, there is a Mugatu-sized hole in the storyline: If Will Ferrell is in the movie at all, he’ll likely be reduced to a prison cameo. So Derek and Hansel will require an off-putting, provocative new designer if they are to have any shot at becoming so hot right now.