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Fred Armisen hits the crowdfunding jackpot in this Documentary Now! exclusive

Documentary Now! has turned its faux-fly-on-the-wall gaze on several destructively deluded characters in the past, but the subject of this week’s episode, “Searching For Mr. Larson: A Love Letter From The Far Side” might take the cake. Not Gary Larson, who famously stepped away from his single-panel staple of funny pages and desk calendars in 1995, but the single-minded doofus trying to track down the reclusive cartoonist: Bradley Adams, played by Fred Armisen. Brad’s a filmmaker willing to sacrifice family, money, and dignity in order to realize his vision, which would mean a whole lot more if that vision went any further than the tip of his nose. Fortunately, there’s still a place where an obsessive guy convinced of his own brilliance and the necessity of its expression can be rewarded: the internet.

Thanks to some convenient omissions in an Indiegogo post—like the fact that he hasn’t actually made contact with Larson—Brad finds himself on the receiving end of a six figure windfall. Of course, as seen in this exclusive clip from “Searching For Mr. Larson,” there are so many other things Brad could put $300,000 toward, like the newborn baby he left his wife holding in order to go galavanting around the country in the hopes of finding a retired humorist who, by all accounts, does not want to be found.


Boasting a script written by Bill Hader and Duffy Boudreau (Hader’s sole contribution to season three—unlike Brad, he’s got a good reason for his absence), “Searching For Mr. Larson: A Love Letter From The Far Side” premieres on IFC this Wednesday, March 13 at 11 p.m. EST.

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