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Frat boy’s hazing memoir could become TV series, movie

From the Undeclared episode about hazing

Because news outlets just aren’t providing enough coverage on how terrible hazing is, Deadline reports that there’s a new project brewing based on a whistleblowing memoir by a former frat boy. Marty Adelstein, the guy who brought us Aquarius, recently acquired the rights to Andrew Lohse’s memoir, Confessions Of An Ivy League Frat Boy: Inside Dartmouth’s Hazing Abuse. The 2014 book, which tells the story of the hazing Lohse endured and witnessed while at Dartmouth, put a spotlight on the questionable and increasingly outlawed practice. Adelstein, who also executive produced Prison Break, purchased the TV and film rights for the book, which means that David Gordon Green’s movie about hazing could see a little competition.


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