(Screenshot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niJtpcgtUQs&feature=youtu.be)

Here’s something for anybody who wants to unwind on a Friday evening without letting go of the ball of Donald Trump-directed rage nestled in the pits of their guts: “Demagogue,” a new track from Franz Ferdinand. The song doesn’t mention the Republican candidate for president by name, but with cover art by Shepard Fairey, and lines like “those tiny vulgar fingers on the nuclear bomb,” it’s not hard to tell who it’s referring to. The song—accompanied by a statement from the band, reading, “He’s a demagogue”—is the first new music from Franz Ferdinand since they teamed up with Sparks for FFS last year. Meanwhile, we’re now living in a world where a lyric like “Those pussy grabbing fingers won’t let go of me now” is less crudity for crudity’s sake, and more an expression of journalistic intent.

“Demagogue” is the latest output from the 30 Days, 30 Songs project, which seeks to fill the final month before the presidential election with music “for a Trump-free America.” So far, other 30 Days, 30 Songs artists include Death Cab For Cutie and Aimee Mann, who penned a first-person lament from Trump’s point of view, asking “Isn’t anybody going to stop me?”