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Frank Zappa's son works on Fraggle Rock movie

In the "odd combinations that could probably work as Family Guy jokes" department,the Jim Henson Co. is resurrecting '80s cult hit Fraggle Rock for a film project, with executive producer Ahmet Zappa, son of Frank, Billboard.com reports.

Zappa — a musician and TV personality who will serve as the project's executive producer — is developing a treatment in which puppet stars Gobo, Wembley, Mokey, Boober and Red will travel from beneath the Rock and venture into the human world for the first time.

"The Fraggles didn't really get into the human world on the series, so we plan to make the movie more about the intersection between the Fraggles and the humans," [Henson Co. CEO] Lisa Henson said.

Zappa is informally talking to musician friends about writing original songs for the movie. The original Henson puppets will be refurbished and updated for the film, with little expectation of computer-generated enhancements.


This isn't Zappa's only current project in the fantasy genre. He's also working on a Jerry Bruckheimer-produced adaptation of his children's book, The Monstrous Memoirs Of A Mighty McFearless, according to IMDB.

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