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Frank Ocean’s new album is real, is really coming this week

(Photo: Getty Images, Andrew Chin)

After first being teased over a year ago, Frank Ocean’s new album Boys Don’t Cry is finally getting released, and it’ll be making up for lost time by coming out very quickly. According to The New York Times (via Pitchfork), the album will be available on the Apple Music streaming service this Friday, with “a major video and printed publication” also called Boys Don’t Cry being distributed at physical Apple stores. The plan is reportedly for the album to be exclusive to Apple for the next few weeks, after which point it’ll become “more widely available.”

This announcement comes shortly after a mysterious livestream appeared on Ocean’s website that occasionally offered snippets of new music. Though it didn’t offer any actual information about the record at the time, the stream did feature the Apple Music logo, the significance of which is pretty clear now. The release of Boys Don’t Cry hasn’t really been confirmed by Ocean yet, just the Times’ anonymous source, and as the paper points out, he could still decide to delay its release again. In other words, you’ll probably be able to stream the new Frank Ocean album on Friday, but you might not.


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