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Frank Ocean releases new music video, is probably just screwing with us at this point


It’s been a great weekend for people interested in new Frank Ocean video content—and kind of a mindscrew for anyone who just wants him to get it over with and release the new album, already. Yesterday, we reported that the Channel Orange rapper had just released a new visual album, titled Endless, via Apple Music, separate from the much-anticipated sophomore effort fans have been waiting for all month. Today, Ocean released the first taste of the new compilation—originally titled Boys Don’t Cry, but not any more, according to Rolling Stone—with a video for “Nikes.”


Filled with provocative imagery—glowing vaginas! Talking dogs! Glitter-covered butts!—“Nikes” is, paradoxically, a slow, meditative examination of fame, love, and race. (At one point, Ocean holds up a picture of Trayvon Martin, while the vocals note that the dead teenager “look just like me.”) It’s also pretty great, deeply moody and shot through with sparks of life.

There’s still no word on when the full album is coming out—or what it’ll be called when it does—but at least we’ve got a little more evidence that there’s actually new music on its way, and Ocean hasn’t been spending all his free time this month playing dress-up construction worker instead.

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