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Frank Ocean releases his second album, Blonde

(Photo: Andrew Chin/Getty Images)
(Photo: Andrew Chin/Getty Images)

After literally years of teases, hints, and admittedly interesting distractions, Frank Ocean has released his second album, the follow-up to 2012’s Grammy-winning Channel Orange. Blonde (or Blond, as it’s spelled on the album art and in a couple of other places) is currently available via iTunes, with a track list available below.


But even now, there’s a little bit of a wrinkle in Ocean’s latest premiere: according to Pitchfork, the album available on iTunes doesn’t match the track list Ocean released through another venue. Earlier today, the artist debuted a number of pop-up shops in major cities, devoted to his long-planned magazine Boys Don’t Cry—which also used to be the name of Blonde, for those of you playing along at home. Among other things, the magazine handed out to fans featured an alternate running order for the new album.

Now, it’s always possible Ocean simply tinkered with the album after Boys Don’t Cry was sent to the printers, but it’s also worth keeping in mind his repeated assertion that he’s “got two versions” of Blonde (or Blond, or Boys Don’t Cry, or whatever) in the works. (The phrase even appears as lyrics in the video for “Nikes” that he released early this morning.) So it’s possible that our long, Ocean-induced ordeal might not be entirely done—although if we manage to get two albums as good as Channel Orange out of the deal, it might be worth putting up with all the headaches it’s caused so far.

(Image: Def Jam)
(Image: Def Jam)

Blond track list:

01 Nikes
02 Ivy
03 Pink + White
04 Be Yourself
05 Solo
06 Skyline To
07 Self Control
08 Good Guy
09 Nights
10 Solo (Reprise)
11 Pretty Sweet
12 Facebook Story
13 Close to You
14 White Ferrari
15 Siegfried
16 Godspeed
17 Futura Free