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Frank Ocean has a new visual album, but not a new regular album

(Photo: Andrew Chin/Getty Images)

Frank Ocean, who has recently made a habit of torturing his fans who just want new music from him, released a film last night. This, as Rolling Stone reports, is not a substitute for his long-awaited album. Instead, it’s another project called Endless, which is available via Apple Music and does have new songs, as well as an Isley Brothers cover. So, yes, that’s better than nothing. Ocean previewed the work on live stream—sending Twitter into a frenzy—before the announcement from Apple came.


A representative for Apple told The New York Times that people should “keep an eye out this weekend for more from Frank.” And, per Rolling Stone, a Boys Don’t Cry equivalent is allegedly on its way, but will not go by that name anymore. Still, we wouldn’t suggest holding your breath. The album was supposed to be coming at the start of August, and that, obviously, was not the case.

[via Mashable]


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