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Frank Miller has at last found a publisher for his long-in-development Holy Terror, the graphic novel that started life as a controversial story pitting Batman against the forces of al-Qaeda, and has since transformed into something that is not that. The announcement came today from Legendary Comics, the just-launched publishing division of Legendary Pictures, and offered few specifics, saying only that it concerned a “hard-edged hero” who “battles terror,” that it “seizes the political zeitgeist by the throat,” and offers a “biting commentary on our uncertain and volatile times.” Still, it’s likely that most of what Miller told the L.A. Times last year remains true, with Miller saying Holy Terror now concerned a former special-ops agent named The Fixer who becomes a one-man force for vengeance when his city is attacked. And tellingly, it’s due to hit stores on September 14, only days after the 10th anniversary of 9/11, when the opening of old wounds has the nation once more aching to punch a mummy in the jaw, like what’s going on in that cover image there. Because the mummies hate our freedom.


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