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Frank Miller’s Dark Knight III will include bonus mini-comics

The Dark Knight Strikes Again

We recently reported that Frank Miller would be releasing the final part of his Dark Knight trilogy, The Dark Knight III: The Master Race, in the fall of this year. The first installment, The Dark Knight Returns, is a classic of the genre. The second one, The Dark Knight Strikes Again, is an hilarious mess. Given that Miller’s ideas have only gotten more insane since then, DC Comics probably wants to distract attention from its above-the-title creator any way it can. First, it was by assuring everyone that not only will original artist Klaus Janson be returning, but the new series will be co-written by 100 Bullets‘ Brian Azzarello, possibly to ensure there won’t be as much of this:

Miller’s idea of how Wonder Woman thinks

Now, there’s yet another shiny bauble to distract us from the meat of Miller’s follow-up to a right-wing zealot punching mummies. According to The Hollywood Reporter, DC Comics will include a 16-page mini-comic with every issue of The Dark Knight III: The Master Race. Illustrated by a number of guest artists yet to be announced, the mini-comics will tell stories about the various other characters in the Dark Knight universe. There’s no word yet on what the main comic storyline will be, but with ”The Master Race” in the title, there will undoubtedly be plenty of material for Alan Moore to make fun of again.

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