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Screenshot: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (YouTube)

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, a show that’s 14 seasons in and somehow still hilarious, just dropped a new trailer ahead of its premiere on FXX later this month. Not that we had any doubts, but footage of the gang bullying children at laser tag, berating Frank for fucking a casaba melon, and reveling in stupid shit humor lets us rest assured that TV’s most reliably brazen comedy has plenty of gruesomeness in store.

Other things that have us excited: A trip to the zoo; Charlie pissing on Mac; Frank fighting with an ape; Rickety Cricket, channeling an unwashed Manson; and, of course, Frank holding a soggy, wrinkled paper bag. It also looks like the gang will churn out another gimmick episode, this one aping the aesthetics of film noir.


It’s Always Sunny kicks off its 14th season on September 25.

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