Only weeks after being the first to spoil the ending of this season of The Walking Dead, here comes yet another spoiler for yet another cable drama that can be blamed on Frank Darabont’s forthcoming L.A. Noir (which, again, is not an adaptation of the video game, and no, we are not furtively looking at the ceiling while we say that, so no need to express doubt through yelling). According to Deadline, Neal McDonough has just been cast as LAPD Chief William Parker, who oversees the war against mobster Mickey Cohen while rooting out corrupt elements in his own police force, such as whatever is wrong with Milo Ventimiglia’s face. And while this is welcome news for fans of McDonough’s intimidating presence, it also all but guarantees that McDonough’s character on Justified—the Taxi Driver-worshipping, male hustler-torturing mobster Robert Quarles—will likely meet the Timothy Olyphant-delivered bitter end this season that, granted, most people probably already assumed he would. But still, it’s the principle of the thing.