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Justifying all the spoilers for The Walking Dead and easy jokes about the video game it's not at all related to, Frank Darabont's L.A. Noir has officially received a series pickup for six episodes at TNT—a relatively small order that should allow the network an easy stopping point to fire Frank Darabont and find someone else. As of now, of course, Darabont retains complete control of his 1940s-set drama about the war between the LAPD and mobster Mickey Cohen, with Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal playing a (presumably jaw-clenching, heavy-breathing) cop who aids Neal McDonough's Capt. William Barker in taking on the mob, while also mingling with his war buddy turned mob-connected lawyer and pissy-faced guy played by Milo Ventimigigglygiglia, plus the assorted jazz musicians, wannabe movie stars, hopheads, poodle skirts, daddios, hush-hush QTs, razzamatazzes, and other signifiers of the era. Neither TNT nor Darabont has offered word yet on when L.A. Noir is set to premiere—or how closely that date will coincide with the very similar Gangster Squad—but they are expected to spill once we press the "Doubt" button to throw up our hands and begin yelling at them.


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