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Frank Darabont stepping down as The Walking Dead showrunner

After taking such complete control over The Walking Dead’s first season that he briefly toyed with not keeping a full-time writing staff at all, Frank Darabont has reportedly stepped down as showrunner for the AMC zombie drama. The announcement is something of a surprise, as it was just a few days ago that Darabont appeared at Comic-Con to discuss the second season, appearing eager to get the next round of episodes (and beyond) underway. Some have guessed that the pressures of the weekly TV schedule eventually got to Darabont, and it’s possible that he may stay on in some reduced capacity with his recently appointed No. 2, Glen Mazzarra (formerly of The Shield and Crash), potentially taking over. But all of that is just speculation at this point. All that seems to be certain is that all future seasons of The Walking Dead have now officially entered the “Frank Darabont’s draft was better” meme pantheon.


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