The roughest part of any Snow White adaptation is always Snow White herself. A cheerful young woman who loves everybody and just wants to do nice things for people? Blegh. Snow White And The Huntsman tried to overcome this by casting Twilight’s Kristen Stewart in the lead, figuring that a young woman who is never cheerful and only loves brooding bad boys would make the story more interesting. For its sequel, though, Universal has reportedly decided to skip over that problem altogether and just make a Snow White movie without Snow White. Not only that, but it is reportedly bringing in a legitimately respectable director to make it happen: The Shawshank Redemption’s Frank Darabont.

This news comes via The Wrap, which reports that Snow White And The Huntsman 2: Now With Less Snow White! will focus on Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman, a character known to fairy tale fans as “the guy from Snow White who isn’t one of the dwarves.” Charlize Theron will also most likely return as the Evil Queen, though her role in the film’s story will be hard to justify now that she’s basically Lex Luthor in a movie about Lois Lane. Stewart’s Snow White could pop up in a cameo or something, but she almost certainly won’t be a central part of the plot.


Anyway, The Wrap is confident that Frank Darabont is in “early talks” to direct the film, though he has not “received an official offer yet.” Taking on the Huntsman sequel would be a surprisingly mercenary-like move for Darabont—who usually reserves his directing jobs for Stephen King adaptations—but maybe he’s a little more desperate for that Walking Dead money than we all thought. Keep your head up, Frank. Things will turn around for you eventually!